Design Thinking for Innovation 创新设计思维
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Design Thinking for Innovation 创新设计思维

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Sidneyeve Matrix
Dr. Sidneyeve Matrix researches and teaches about digital communication and consumer culture, entrepreneurship and innovation, creativity and design, and technology enhanced teaching at Queen's University in Canada. She teaches design thinking at Queen's in the Dan School of Drama and Music's Arts Leadership program, in the Masters of Entrepreneurship and Innovation program at Smith School of Business, for Western University Continuing Education, and as part of the Dunin-Deshpande Queen's Innovation Centre Executive Team (a campus startup incubator). Sidneyeve Matrix博士就职于加拿大女王大学,其研究和教学领域主要为数字沟通与消费者文化、创新和创业、创新与设计,以及科技辅助的教学。她在女王大学丹学院戏剧与音乐艺术领导力项目、史密斯商学院创新创业大师项目、西安大略大学继续教育学院都开设“设计思维”课程;同时也是DDQIC(女王大学一校园创业孵化器)执行团队的成员。

  • Institution Queen's University in Canada 加拿大女王大学
  • Credits2.0
  • Class Hours28
    Class Hours of Video Lectures20
    Class Hours of Face to Face Lectures8


No special background is required other than knowledge of English. 无前置课程的要求,但学习者需具备一定程度的英文水平。


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